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QTA hosts Global Tourism Framework Marketing Summit

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) will host their annual three-day interactive Framework Marketing Summit in Doha on 14-16 December to map out a detailed worldwide tourism promotion programme for the forthcoming fiscal 2015/16 year. The summit will bring together senior QTA Head Office executives, representatives of the QTA’s five overseas offices and private sector stakeholders from local hotels and other industry suppliers.

“This event is highly important in ensuring that all parties involved in Qatar’s tourism industry are on the same page understanding the QTA’s vision, mission, values and marketing philosophy,” said Rashed AlQurese, the Chief Marketing & Promotions Officer of QTA. “As a relatively new destination on the world travel map, we need to ensure that Qatar puts out a clear and consistent message in order to enhance and maintain the country’s profile in the international market.”

He pointed out that, in order to maximize the positive impact of the nation’s marketing efforts and resources, it is vital that all parties focus on promoting the key attractions that give Qatar its distinctive edge. “It is a question of synergy,” AlQurese said. “We continue to avoid any dissipation or fragmentation of the Qatar message, and ensure we create a strong and positive brand positioning and identity that continues to resonate in our key overseas markets.”

The three-day summit will be especially important in providing the QTA’s overseas office representatives with opportunities to interact with their head office counterparts and familiarize themselves at first hand with the destination and its latest developments. “To be fully effective, they must be knowledgeable and authoritative representatives for Qatar in their respective markets,” said AlQurese.

He drew attention to the fact that Qatar’s private sector stakeholders will be involved in the Summit’s final day session on the 16th December, which will be addressed by the QTA’s Chairman, HE Issa Bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi. “The Chairman will highlight the fact that marketing Qatar internationally carries a strong partnership between the public and private sectors, since the hotels and other tourist facilities and services are key components in the selection of tourism product that the QTA promotes worldwide,” AlQurese commented, pointing out that the Summit programme will provide organized communications and networking opportunities for the overseas office personnel to meet private sector representatives.

AlQurese further stressed that part of the Summit’s agenda will be devoted to working sessions. The already established overseas offices, covering the UK, France and Germany, will present their qualitative and quantitative reports reflecting their KPI (key performance indicator) achievements for 2014 year to date. They will also, along with the more recently appointed offices for the GCC and South East Asia, present their detailed Strategic Marketing Plans and targets for the 2015/16. To enhance interaction with guests, each office will have a workstation display to feature their work and achievements in their related markets.

“As an official government body, QTA must abide by certain strict standards in terms of its internal policies and procedures, and this Summit will ensure that our international network fully understand and comply with these requirements to ensure optimum administrative efficiency,” AlQurese added.