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Red Sea Mall and Mobily provide free internet to the centers’ visitors

Aiming to enhance shopping experience and leisure time for all visitors, Red Sea Mall and Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) teamed up to provide a Wi-Fi internet for everyone in the mall, free of charge. This marks the first mall ever in the Saudi Kingdom to implement a free wide range internet access service. This new hotspot is among 800 similar wide-range internet access implemented and operated exclusively by Mobily.

The wide area service coverage is made possible through 45 access points within the mall with a broadband speed up to 10Mbps, flexible to rise upon increase in usage. Mr. Mohammad Alawi, CEO of Red Sea Markets Company Limited, the operator of Red Sea Mall, has stated that this network is a value added service for the visitors and shoppers. He also said that surprises and rewards are to be expected for the customers’ loyalty, which in its turn will enhance their experience by far to make the best out of their leisure time.

“We want everyone in Red Sea Mall to be connected to the world uninterruptedly. Such important initiative clearly embodies our commitment as a national pioneer” Mr. ” Alawi ” stated.

On his part, Mr. Alaa AlMalki, Acting CEO – Mobile Networks at Mobily stated “We always look forward to adapt the technology to serve citizens and residents in the Kingdom based on the strong infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies in the world of communications and extensive experience in covering the crowded places, and Mobily’s excellent coverage of the holy sites and the central region during the period of Hajj is the best proof”.

“Red Sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Kingdom and Mobily is pleased to have inaugurated this initiative for the popularity and fame this mall persists in the Western Province, and across the Kingdom. We are very pleased with this experience that represents a qualitative addition to both parties, especially since both sides enjoys a good reputation in the Kingdom and the region”.

The successful Mobily implementation of free Wi-Fi wide-range internet in Red Sea Mall is the first of several other locations Mobily intends to tap. The Red Sea Mall administration has confirmed that this Wi-Fi Network will be under continuous maintenance and observation to assure service continuity and flexibility to connect everyone in the mall to the international network.

Red Sea Mall is determined to become a pioneer in diversity and entertainment across Arab Region, the most relevant to local culture in the Kingdom.

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