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Renault signs record EV fleet deal with Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan

The MOU plans to deliver 150 Renault Zoe EVs before the end of 2015.

On the 22nd of May 2015 during the World Economic Forum on the Middle East held in Amman, Renault and the Royal Hashemite Court of the Jordan agreed an order of 150 electric Renault ZOE vehicles.

The agreement was signed between Bernard CAMBIER – Chairman of the Renault Africa Middle East India Region, Khaled Nosseir – Chairman of the official Renault distributor (AIM) in Jordan and the Royal Hashemite Court. The MOU plans to deliver 150 Renault Zoe EVs before the end of 2015.

To date, the order from the Royal Hashemite Court is the biggest for the Renault ZOE since its launch in 2013 and makes Renault the number one car manufacturer for the royal EV fleet.

This order follows an announcement by the King of Jordan during the Forum that the Jordanian vehicle fleet would be converted to EVs along with the implementation of an ambitious solar panel programme.

The historic deal illustrates the strong desire of the Jordanian realm to accelerate its energy independence and run a vehicle fleet more respectful of the environment. The cars will be 100% powered by solar panels installed on royal property.

The introduction of the EV in Jordan has strong support from the government which wants to promote green and sustainable mobility solutions. This order is the first step in their plan and discussions are already underway on additional orders of Renault EVs in the coming months.

Launched in 2013 in France, the Renault ZOE electric vehicle is a zero-emission, 100% electric and noise-free car.

Renault is the electric car leader in Europe with 17,800 vehicles sold in 2014 and more than 63,000 electric cars on the road worldwide available in 40 countries. Renault is a pioneer in the field of EVs and the only car manufacturer worldwide to have a full range of zero emission vehicles for every type of consumer.