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Renault Twizy – Ready to electrify the U.A.E!

Who said environment cannot meet with fun? Renault Twizy has it all…

Designed from the wheels up as a 100% electric vehicle, there’s nothing to match Twizy on the market.

Twizy is eco-friendly, since it does not emit any CO2, NOx, fine particles, odours or engine noise when on the move. Everyone can enjoy electric vehicles because they improve air quality and reduce urban noise levels.

Powered entirely by electricity, the Renault Twizy has an urban-cycle range of 80km. The batteries are charged via an extendible cable located behind the Renault diamond at the front of the car. A full charge takes around 3½ hours using, the normal household 220-240v domestic supply (3pin Plug).

Renault Twziycombines real character with a resolutely modern design that boasts sweeping lines, open bodywork, original gull wing doors and a full windscreen which extends over the top of the car to form a large glazed area. The vehicle delivers all the fundamentals associated with any car: four wheels, a steering wheel and pedals, plus an enveloping body for two occupants sitting in tandem, one behind the other.

Optimal Safety
In the case of a head-on collision, both occupants are protected by a deformable structure. The safety retention systems include a driver’s airbag, a four-point harness at the front and a three-point safety belt at the rear. Also, since Renault Twizy’s occupants are protected and held in place, they are under no requirement to wear any sort of protective gear.Thanks to its four-wheeled chassis and extremely low center of gravity, Renault Twizy delivers a reassuringly stable ride, while disc brakes all-round ensure precise, efficient stopping power.

The Twizy that suits you…
With its ultra-compact dimensions -2.34m long, 1.24m wide and 1.45m tall, Renault Twizy has all the essentials: flexibility, dynamism, and safety. But most of all, a design that speaks for itself, the Twizy can be customised to suit any taste…From serious to fun, it comes in 4 main colours – blue, white, red, black – from which many styling combinations will be available. For the bold and thrill-seekers, Twizy also offers a line of stickers to liven up the doors and rims.

Twizy’s price starts from 77,900 UAE Dirhams and is covered by a 2-year warranty package up to 50,000 km.

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