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Residents and tourists throng Meydan to watch ‘Fazza Championship for Falconry – Telwah’

The Fazza Championship for Falconry – Telwah witnessed unprecedented turnout on the second and third days of the Championship as residents and tourists made a beeline to the tournament venue at Meydan, Ruwayyah (formerly the Dubai Bypass Road) to take in the action and excitement.

Anxiety and tension prevailed among contestants on the second day of the Championship, which commenced with the “Airplane Championship-2 km” for general public, as tight competition and constantly changing ranks in the “Jeer Tibha Farakh” for Sheikhs and “Jeer Tibha Jirnas” for Sheikhs categories – in which 150 falcons competed – kept participants and spectators alike on tenterhooks on a day that produced thrilling, nerve-wracking action. The closely fought contests ensured that ranks kept changing in a matter of minutes, with time differences of tiny fractions of a second separating the contestants from each other – an indication of the exceptionally high level of competition.

Falconers closely watched TV and digital screens deployed at the Championship site to keep track of the scores and results, and whenever a participant succeeded in setting a new mark in terms of the speed and time of the falcon, along came a strong competitor to knock him off his position on the top of the leaderboard, sparking intense competition and nervous anticipation of the final results.

By the end of the day, 10 competitors each qualified to the next round of the “Jeer Tibha Farakh” for Sheikhs and “Jeer Tibha Jirnas” for Sheikhs categories.

The third day of the Championship witnessed the participation of several new contestants.Saeed Al Sabousi, who is participating this year for the first time, said: “I’m participating this season in all eligible categories, and I must say the level of competition and the quality of falcons this year is superb. I’m very keen to train my falcons and go hunting in places such as Kazakhstan and Pakistan, in order to make sure my falcons are bred and trained to the highest standards, however i am quite taken aback by the level I found here and surprising my falcons haven’t qualified yet.”

Outside the tent where the birds are released, a number of photographers and members of the public, including a large posse of tourists, stood snapping the moment and recording the action. Janet Glev, a Canadian tourist who was seen enjoying the event with her husband, said: “It has been fantastic being here. We love to explore everything related to the culture and heritage of the countries we visit, and watching this falconry tournament has been a unique and enriching experience for us.”

In all, 153 falcons competed on the third day of the Championship, with 11 contestants qualifying to the next round of the “Pure Jeer Farakh” for Sheikhs category and and 10 competitors qualifying to the next round of the “Pure Jeer Jirnas” for Sheikhs category.