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Revealed: The top 6 Summer-Escapes for Families

Last week, AMEinfo revealed the hidden gems of the world which you should definitely check out this summer.

This week, we are giving families a chance with the top six places to check out this summer with the help of travel experts at, an online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa.

Time to dust off your luggage and embark on a fun-filled, wholesome vacation with the whole family.

Here are the top 6 suggestions for a summer-escape that is generation-agnostic and filled with lots of fun:

Salzburg, Austria: 

This Austrian city that borders Germany, promises a breath-taking holiday filled with stunning views of the Alps. Sing along with the nostalgia-inducing ‘Sound of Music’ tours or bicycle through the streets of the Old City to check out the medieval churches and museums. Guaranteed to keep boredom at bay, the City of Mozart even has an ice cave, a mountain summit and a salt mine just a day trip away.

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Queensland, Australia: 

The surfers’ paradise of Gold Coast is the perfect destination for the adults to luxuriate on the pristine beaches, peppered eclectic dining and nightlife scenes. On the other hand, let your kids have the time of their lives at the exciting theme parks such as Movie World and Dreamworld, during your stay at some of the region’s fun-filled resorts. Additionally, not to be missed are the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s rainforests that allow you to have an up close and personal encounter with the likes of kangaroos and koala bears.

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Kathmandu, Nepal: 

For the backpack-toting, adventure-loving families, here is a destination that is extremely light on the pocket. Scale the heights of the Everest base camp, trek through the Annapurna Circuit, or partake in adrenaline-pumping activities in this capital city. Finally, don’t forget to feast on some piping hot momos (dumplings), while enjoying the fresh mountain air and the welcoming culture of Nepal.

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Florida, USA: 


Live-out your ultimate childhood dream and give your kids a holiday that’s all about happily-ever-afters, at Walt Disney World in Florida. Movie-buffs should check-out MGM and Universal Studios, while the younger kids are taken through the aquatic wonderland of SeaWorld and several popular water-parks. Alternately, you could just sip on some fresh orange juice and relax at some of the world’s best kaleidoscopic beach towns.

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Lapland, Finland: 

Leave the weariness of the summer behind, as you visit Finland for a chance to catch the best views of the Northern Lights. Thanks to the 24-hour sunlight in the summer, there is no end to the activities that you can cram into a day. Let your little ones build snowmen, explore the black slopes and snow parks, go backcountry exploring and enjoy joyrides on sleds or snowmobiles, in this perennial winter wonderland. You could also check out some of the popular ski resorts that dot the nation’s landscape.

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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia: 


Be one with nature at the tranquil town of Cameron Highlands, as you munch on some delicious cream-slathered scones. Be it checking out the emerald-green tea plantations and colonial-style architecture or picking fresh strawberries, there is something for everyone at this mountaintop destination. Let the cool breeze of the highlands, during long walks, and a cuppa of refreshing English Tea instantly restore your state of zen, this summer.