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REVEALED: 30 most photographed landmarks

New research by Sony Mobile has revealed the top 30 most photographed and socially shared landmarks worldwide – a list topped by the Eiffel Tower and including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

The #XperiaNewPerspectives Sony Mobile research, which was conducted in collaboration with OnePoll in May 2017, revealed that more than half of the Top 30 landmarks are photographed from the same three angles.

However, with 55 per cent of travellers saying they would plan their itinerary based on photography opportunities, it looks like we need to up our holiday photography game to avoid boring our friends, as 47 per cent of people said they were bored of seeing the same three types of shots on Instagram.

Research also revealed that half of those surveyed pick their holiday based on others’ holiday snaps and a further 45 per cent look to Instagram for inspiration on where to photograph and visit. The research, which surveyed Instagram images from the past four years, also concluded that 52 per cent were more likely to ‘like’ an image of a landmark if it was interesting and something they’d not seen before.

Data shows that 43 per cent of photographs of Burj Khalifa were taken from the same three angles, while 56 per cent of the photographs taken of Burj Al Arab are from the same three spots.