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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host 3rd Annual Kingdom Cyber Security Forum

Organized by Fleming., Kingdom Cyber Security Forum, a two day event taking place from 24-25 May, 2016 in Riyadh

According to a recent report, Saudi Arabia is considered 12th most attacked country receiving 1.81% of the world’s known attacks. With the growing success of digitization in the middle east, causing an added exposure to threats for cyber security one needs a strategic response in manner to modernize the security strategy, understanding ISO 27018, a strategic approach against an increasingly sophisticated threat, cyber security strategy, construct an open and stable cyberspace and government’s view against a new age of cyber security.

3rd Annual Kingdom Cyber Security Summit will focus on knowledge sharing and approaches to stand guard critical infrastructure and discussing a way forward for cyber security in kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2020. The forum aims to provide a road map to info-security experts in the GCC region.

Cyber Terrorism is a global phenomenon and is continually developing in sophistication and impact, even with advances in cyber security technologies and practices. For a fact, Saudi Arabia holds a dominant position being on number two global target for online spam and other forms of cyber violation. Therefore, in the interest to weaken the impact of developing threats and attacks, the cyber security market is possibly seeking a growth by investing up to $40.5bn in Cyber protection from 2014 – 2018.

With Saudi Arabia fuming on online data information and infrastructure protection, the time is right to provide all security professionals with a platform to rethink and revamp their cyber security efforts and attempt to remodel their security strategy with a view to transform, protect and advance it, says senior conference producer, Mr. Akshay Mishra.

Under the guidance of Eng. Mohammed E. Al Ghamdi, Assistant Director General, National Center For Digital Certification, this year’s forum will feature special presentations, case studies and panel discussions on various thought provoking topics involving top minds in the industry like Russel Gann, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of National Guards, Eng. Meshal Al Shahrani who heads Public Key Infrastructure, National Center for Digital Certification, Sultan Abu Koshaim, Chief Information Officer, Saudi Standards, Quality & Metrology Organization and Lt. Col. Abdulrahman AlGarni, Lead Manager, SCITTC, Royal Saudi Air Force to name a few.

We commit to provide all our attendees a unique learning experience by giving them an opportunity to meet industry experts and engaging with them through interactive discussions.We hope you will join us at this event!