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RJ launches its leadership program

The first phase of the program works with 47 employees divided into several teams.

RJ’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Suleiman Al-Hafez opened the leadership program on November 23, 2015, launched by RJ to improve employees’ skills and to tap into RJ’s expertise in the regional and global airline industry.

Present at the opening of the program were RJ CEO/President Captain Suleiman Obeidat and members of the executive management.

During the opening session, Hafez expressed confidence in the capability and efficiency of the employees, and stressed RJ’s keenness to maintain its reputable position at global level through the efforts it exerts, underlining that RJ employees are known for their competence.

He said that RJ continues to thrive despite the obstacles and difficulties it faced during the past few years, highlighting the ambitious strategy RJ uses at this stage to overcome challenges and open more opportunities to improve and expand as the kingdom’s national carrier that connects Jordan to the world.

Captain Suleiman Obeidat stressed that RJ is pinning hopes on this program, organised and designed in cooperation with the chairman’s advisor, Dr. Majdi Sabri, which aims at changing the corporate culture in order to enhance efficiency and productivity, control costs, increase revenues and improve the skills of employees who are the future leaders of the company.

He also said that RJ will exert all efforts to improve its human resources who can, based on science and best practices, maintain the airline’s competitive position regionally and globally.

Obeidat called upon all the employees to continue working hard, with team spirit, to help the company achieve success, particularly now when it enjoys positive financial results achieved during the first nine months of this year.

Sabri, who will be supervising the program, said its main objective is to bring about systematic change to upgrade RJ’s competitive capabilities by investing in distinguished employees who will take RJ to a better future. He also stressed the importance of planning for the future by engaging the second line of management and involving it in leading the company.

The first phase of the program works with 47 employees divided into several teams. The participants were selected based on their efficiency, achievements, keenness to improve their skills and their teamwork.

Sabri said that participants will receive intensive and instructive information that will qualify them during a three-month period to develop the work methods at RJ. They will have to deliver practical projects in different areas of work to be implemented.

This workshop will be followed by similar workshops to create new, efficient, projects that meet the program’s objectives.