Complex Made Simple launches ‘Make UAE Roads Safer!’ pledge launches the pledge ‘Make UAE Roads Safer!’ in conjunction with the GCC Traffic Week, which runs from 9-15 March 2014.

The UAE has one of the highest per-capita road fatalities globally and wants to ‘make a difference’ in helping to reduce these numbers. To achieve this goal, the commitment of traffic participants to proper road behavior is of utmost importance.

Thomas Edelmann, founder of RoadSafetyUAE, states: “We need the support of as many UAE road traffic participants as possible, by signing the pledge. Traffic participants taking the pledge are encouraged to forward the pledge to family members, friends, and colleagues – whoever they care about! For 2014, the objective is 100,000 pledges by year end. With 100,000 standing strong for the cause, this can for sure improve the safety on our roads.”

Drivers and Passengers taking the pledge will commit themselves to the following 4 points:

• ‘Yes’… to seat belts – for EVERYONE in the vehicle!
• ‘Yes’… to using indicators
• ‘No’… to speeding
• ‘No’… to mobile phones without proper hands-free

Vox Cinemas, as part of their CSR strategy, support this initiative for a full year by screening road safety videos and the invitation to sign the pledge.

RoadSafetyUAE invites companies, educational institutions and organizations to sign the pledge and also to encourage their employees, customers, students and other stakeholders to sign the pledge as well. is already supported by RTA, BMW, Michelin, Mercedes Benz, Emarat Petroleum, Daman National Health Insurance, Emirates NBD, Nissan, NSG and Valvoline.

For more information kindly contact:

Thomas Edelmann
+971 50 55 19 216