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Royal Jordanian holds annual conference in the presence of former CEOs

Royal Jordanian held its annual Commercial Affairs Conference between December 16 and 17, 2013, in the presence of Chairman of the RJ Board of Directors Nasser Lozi and RJ President/CEO Amer Hadidi, in addition to the airline’s regional directors and area managers from all over the world.

The conference started with an open dialogue session about Royal Jordanian’s past and present. Hadidi and other former RJ CEOs, including Nader Dahabi, Hussam Abu Ghazaleh and Samer Majali, participated in the session that discussed the most prominent achievements of the airline over the past five decades and the challenges it has been facing over the years.

At the meeting, which was chaired by Dr Majdi Sabri, former vice-president of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the Middle East and North Africa region, participants reviewed the current status of the air transport industry in Jordan and the region, and the future of this industry, pointing out its sensitivity and vulnerability to all the variables and events that happen in the region, be they political, economic, environmental or health related.

The participants concurred that RJ is a remarkable national success story and must be built upon, that it should be given all the support that enables it to grow and continue its outstanding leading role from its very establishment, which is to link Jordan with the world, and be a main pillar of the national economy, in terms of the volume of its assets, revenues and expenses, as well as its qualified and competent human resources, many of which found employment in many Arab and international airlines.

The participants also tackled RJ’s march over the past 20 years, particularly the modernization of its fleet, the expansion of its route network, the restructuring of the company, which was privatized, its joining the oneworld global alliance, the introduction of up-to-date IT systems and the automated travel procedures.

50 years after its establishment, RJ enjoys and elevated status, which is a notable accomplishment particularly when compared to its humble financial potential, which is wonderfully compensated by the staff that spares no effort to overcome challenges, transforming them into assets that helped the company progress and develop.

CEO Amer Hadidi stressed that Royal Jordanian will further strengthen its competitive position and strive to increase its share in the global market, thus bringing in more revenue, pointing out the fundamental role of the regional directors in this area and calling on them to exert more effort to reach the desired results by seeking new markets and securing non-traditional markets to promote travel and tourism to Jordan and the region.

The meetings included many presentations delivered by international experts, amongst which Jay Sorensen who talked about the importance of focusing on ancillary revenue that RJ can gain by providing services that are not related to selling tickets or cargo operations.

Sabri, air transport expert, delivered a detailed presentation about the future positioning of the air transport industry in the region and the world, and discussed the dimensions and variables that can help RJ develop its sales tools, enhance competitiveness, increase financial resources and reduce costs in domains that do not affect the services offered to passengers.

Many other international experts delivered thorough presentations about the role of insurance in aviation and the rules and principles that govern dealings with passengers and luggage.

During the two-day conference, also discussed were the overall performance of Royal Jordanian in 2013 and the airline’s future marketing and sales plans. At the same time, a number of RJ heads of departments and area managers presented the company’s operational and financial results, and means of strengthening the company’s market share, especially after it receives the Boeing 787 aircraft, which starts joining the fleet in the second half of 2014. They praised the advanced specifications of this type of aircraft, which will enable Royal Jordanian to attract more passengers and serve them better on its long-haul routes.