Complex Made Simple

RTA adopts ‘Design Thinking’ concept to enhance corporate performance

Innovative methodologies adopted in serving the community

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has delivered a lecture entitled “Design Thinking” focusing on the methodology & technique of this type of thinking along with its role in generating & improving products & services rendered to customers, and how to handle complex issues & challenges.

The event was held in the context of RTA’s efforts to promote the concept of Design Thinking aimed at adopting scientific & innovative means in leveraging corporate performance.

The workshop was attended by HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, CEOs, Directors and scores of managers & employees concerned with the corporate innovative matters in the RTA.

The workshop was presented by Julian Thomas; an international expert of Innovation & Design Thinking. The lecturer tackled the approach to success adopted by designers in matching customer needs with the technology in use. He cited the three elements on which the Design Thinking is based i.e. customers, technology, and business requirements, adding that all of these elements are intended to meet customer needs and minimize risks associated with the practical implementation.
The lecturer pointed to the new thinking techniques associated with the Design Thinking and the means of coping with challenges such that multiple potential solutions are figured out for any single problem i.e. generating innovative alternatives through unleashing the inspiration of top potential thinkers. He stated that the Design Thinking approach passes through four stages: Focusing, Exploration, Developing Innovative Options, and Implementation.

Ms. Laila Faridoon, Executive Director of the Office of the Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, said: “The RTA is the first government entity to adopt the Design Thinking concept & methodology; which has become part & parcel of contemporary business techniques, and a source of figuring out solutions for business and service sectors worldwide. Holding this workshop stems from RTA’s ongoing endeavours to adopt innovation in all plans and strategic objectives, and nurturing a business environment conducive to corporate innovation. These goals can be achieved through building the competencies of our human resources in support of our vision; which is aligned with government policies advocating innovative thinking in the business of the public sector.

“Being one of the biggest government entities concerned with serving customers and bringing happiness to people, the RTA is in constant pursuit of the highest standards of serving customer needs, noting that the RTA delivers more than 173 services through multiple channels, and has mega projects contributing to the happiness of people. The Design Thinking concept will have a significant impact on achieving these objectives to keep pace with today’s needs,” added Faridoon.