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RTA briefs delegation of Dubai Municipality on audit practices

At the end of the gathering, the two parties engaged in discussions and improvement ideas.

The Internal Audit Department, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently briefed a visiting delegation from the Dubai Municipality about the best audit practices and the role of the Internal Audit Department in nominations for excellence awards, among other topics. The gathering, which was held at RTA Headquarter and attended by several officials from both parties, aimed at exchanging expertise capable of leveraging the business process to the highest international standards.

“These mutual visits between business entities concerned with audit affairs contribute to sharing information and practices with the aim of achieving best deliverables capable of enriching the drive of excellence, creativity, and progress,” said Abdullah Al Jawi, Director of RTA’s Internal Audit.

“The Internal Department is adopting a continuous development methodology of implementing and applying the latest technologies in support of the corporate governance. Accordingly, it compiles reports about the key audit results including recommendations assisting various departments in achieving their core operational objectives as well as the strategic objectives of RTA,” he added.

The visit spotlighted the best practices of the Internal Audit Department, especially in using technological applications that help the automation of various processes, and the role of the Department in keeping abreast of developments of the internal audit profession.

The session also highlighted the key audit processes, initiatives aimed at supporting internal control throughout RTA’s agencies & sectors, the role of internal auditors & monitoring methodologies, and audit processes based on risk management and analysis. A short brief was made about internal audit plans along with business plans & programs and field inspections.

At the end of the gathering, the two parties engaged in discussions and improvement ideas. The visiting delegation commended the visit, which reflected the spirit of cooperation and sharing of expertise between various government and semi-government entities in the UAE with the aim of pushing the business practices to the highest standards. The two parties reiterated their keenness on keeping pace with the development drive in support of the vision and strategic direction of the government.