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RTA endorses 7 additional languages in Theory Knowledge Driving Test

Bahrozyan: Voice-over service provided, translator permits abolished

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the endorsement of seven additional languages in the Theory Knowledge Driving Test (the knowledge test needed to obtain vehicle driving license). The service, which enables examinees to select the option of running the text in their mother tongues, is part of RTA’s continuous endeavors to realize its third strategic goal of making people happier.

“The seven languages added are Hindi, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam. The test material is run in a voice-over translation accompanying the text written in the language of the examinee. This brings the total number of languages available in the Knowledge Test to 11 languages. Thus the applicant can now avail the chance of selecting the preferred test language; which translates into a better and clearer understanding of driving & traffic rules in a way securing the safety of road users as well as the examinee (after clearing the tests & obtaining the driver license),” said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency.

“With the introduction of this step, all permits issued in respect of employees who were previously entitled to translate the test material have been terminated; which is an important procedure towards ensuring the transparency and neutrality of the test in respect of all examinees. Meanwhile, the written Arabic language test has been amplified with the voice-over service to enhance the audio understanding of traffic rules and offer equitable chances to all applicants,” continued Bahrozyan.

“Adding more languages to the theory knowledge test for driver license applicants stems from RTA’s recognition of the growing number of nationalities as well as urbanization witnessed by the Emirate of Dubai; which naturally increases humans’ need of driver licenses. This step was therefore taken to ensure the grooming of drivers capable of contributing to the realization of RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All,” added the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency.