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RTA highlights safety aspects of Resolution organizing use of bikes in Dubai

A AED300 fine imposed for non-compliance with dedicated cycling lanes

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) stressed that Resolution No. (10) issued by the Dubai Executive Council organizing the use of bikes in the Emirate of Dubai will enhance the traffic safety procedures, and cement measures taking by the RTA to ensure the safety of road users in Dubai.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency said: “RTA is working on standards and requirements related to the use of bikes to ensure that they conform to the highest international standards, and rank Dubai among the world’s top cities in this regard.

“The Agency has introduced a number of technical procedures related to the use of bikes including constructing designated cycling tracks fitted with the required signage.

“The Agency has also got in place awareness plans to sensitize bikers, especially within workers compounds. Several multi-lingual campaigns were held, and more campaigns would be launched to raise the awareness about the new Resolution along with the related fines and violations,” added Maitha.

“Bikers would be slapped with a AED300 fine if they fail to ride their bikes within the dedicated lanes. The biker will face a AED500 fine in case of riding in a street with a speed limit exceeding 60 kmh, and a AED300 fine will be imposed in case of riding in a dangerous way posing risks to the biker as well as the safety of others,” she explained.

As for riding bikes on jogging and walking tracks, a AED200 fine will be imposed. Fines also include AED300 for driving or parking a vehicle on a dedicated cycling track, and AED200 for carrying riders on a bike, which is not fitted with the proper accessories for this purpose, or if the rider was not fitted with the protective gear specified by the RTA.

Any breach of the guidelines and conditions stipulated by the RTA in decisions taken in this regard will be subject to a AED200 fine. The ultimate objective of these measures and policies is to realize RTA’s vision of providing safe and smooth transport for all.