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RTA holds innovation lab to attract more riders to marine transit means

A number of visual presentations were displayed in the Lab focusing on innovation in revamping marine transit means & services and the functionality of RTA’s innovation lab.

RTA’s Public Transport Agency in Dubai has recently launched a government innovation lab under the theme: Knowledge Sharing and Capability Building. The event discussed the best innovative techniques for attracting the public to use marine transit means namely: Ferry, different types of abras, water bus and water taxi.

The Lab occurred at RTA’s Government Innovation Lab at the Dubai Tram Depot, Al Sufouh. Attending Lab were the CEO of Public Transport Agency Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Mohamad Obaid Al Mulla, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Abdul Aziz Malik, Advisor of Transportation Strategy and Governance, Directors, Managers and several employees of RTA. Also, in attendance were representatives of Emaar Properties and P&O Company as well as a host of strategic partners, riders of marine transport means in Dubai and RTA’s Government Innovation Lab Team.

This innovative step was taken in the context of RTA’s commitment to the initiative and policy of the Government to hold innovation labs with the aim of improving performance through discussing innovative ideas, which can effectively contribute to nurturing a superb working environment in Dubai.

“The Lab discussed important topics such as simplifying services for marine transit mode riders in order to overcome difficulties currently encountered by RTA in this field through holding brainstorming sessions to come up with creative ideas that would give RTA an edge in serving all community segments, especially marine transit mode riders,” said Al Ali.

“Discussions covered a raft of innovative ideas & suggestions for improving RTA’s water transport modes and increasing their appeal to riders. Participants concluded to select six ideas presented during the Lab. These ideas would be subjected to further study in order to figure out the means of implementing them to better serve marine transit modes riders comprising residents, visitors and tourists in Dubai,” he added.

A number of visual presentations were displayed in the Lab focusing on innovation in revamping marine transit means & services and the functionality of RTA’s innovation lab. The storming session screened an array of new ideas for upgrading services and suggested initiatives.

The CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency praised the positive role of these initiatives in prompting the concerned individuals to thrash out smart, pioneering, effective and sustainable solutions conforming to the highest international practices. Challenges are abundant in this regard. This, says Al Ali, has prompted us to hold this innovative lab in order to develop appropriate solutions that meet the needs of community members in line with RTA’s strategic goal of bringing happiness to people.

Situated at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, RTA’s innovative lab is considered the first government innovation lab in Dubai. It comprises training halls fitted with sophisticated equipment, areas for holding brainstorming sessions, a gorgeous innovation club designed at the highest standards to nurture an inspiring innovative environment, a platform for presenting and debating ideas, and interactive display monitors enabling the sharing of visual contents between members. These monitors can be interfaced with smartphones & handheld computers of participants enabling wireless display of contents. The lab also contains supporting facilities such as a rest hall, prayer room, and meeting halls.