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RTA holds two labs spotlighting short-term solutions for traffic congestions

RTA innovative lab, which is situated at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, is considered the first government innovation lab in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held two innovation labs as part of its commitment to the initiative and directives of the Government to hold innovation labs.

The objective of these labs is to leverage the performance through discussing creative ideas capable of generating a high-class business environment in the Emirate of Dubai.

The first of these two labs was held by the Traffic and Roads Agency and tackled short-term solutions for traffic congestions. Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, delivered an opening speech in which she touched on the highlights of the workshop, which was held at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh in the presence of several external consultants, and students of Higher Colleges of Technology in addition to a bunch of experts & employees of the Agency.

Maitha expressed the keenness of the Agency to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on all highways & streets of Dubai. The Agency, she says, conducts periodic studies to examine and implement the best traffic solutions for snarls on the basis of established procedures at the highest global standards. Solutions include widening of roads by adding more lanes, or introducing new entry & exit points capable of realizing RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All.

“In the near future we will introduce a variety of solutions to address traffic congestions in several hotspots across the Emirate using intelligent traffic systems,” added Maitha.

A visual presentation was made to examine the key challenges of short-term solutions for tailbacks in a brainstorming session to thrash out new ideas and approaches to the service improvement and proposed initiatives.

The second lab was held by the Licensing Agency entitled: “Improving Procedures of Technical Testing of Vehicles. The aim of the lab was to develop innovative solutions for streamlining the technical testing procedures in order to develop a faster and more accurate testing regime accessible to customers everywhere. The session was attended by Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Licensing Agency, directors, and service providers of technical testing of vehicles and the supply of technological and smart instruments.

A visual presentation was made in the session about the technical testing of vehicles service of RTA highlighting the evolution of the technical testing phases starting from the visual inspection to the automatic testing, the introduction of sophisticated testing instruments, developing a central system for all testing centers, and standardizing testing procedures befitting the technological advancement of auto manufacturing. The presentation also shed light on the expansion of the facilities of technical testing services from 2 to 25 centers and 4 auto dealers, and examined an expansion plan for testing centers and technical workshops in the Emirate of Dubai.

The presentation showed that until September 2015 about 1,091,332 light vehicles, and 126,183 heavy vehicles have been tested in Dubai that brings the total number of vehicles tested to 1,217,515 vehicles. It also indicated the challenges experienced by the technical testing of vehicles, such as the lack of qualified human resources, variation in the perception of the extent or gravity of defects by examiners, and the fast technological advancements made by vehicles manufacturers among other challenges.

A presentation was also made about the global practices of technical testing of vehicles by an international expert who made a number of suggestions and ideas for improving the technical testing process in the Emirate of Dubai.
Bahrozyan commended the positive role of the lab in encouraging employees to contribute smart, pioneering, effective and sustainable solutions in order to figure out the best procedures of vehicles testing, considering the multiple challenges in hand. “This has prompted us to hold this innovative lab in a bid to come up with appropriate solutions that meet the needs of community members and conform to the strategic goals of RTA “People’s Happiness,” he said.

“Participants in the session came up with 20 excellent innovative ideas, which will soon be studied and further developed in order to implement them in the near future and serve the main objective of improving the technical testing procedures,” added Bahrozyan.

RTA innovative lab, which is situated at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, is considered the first government innovation lab in Dubai. It comprises training halls fitted with sophisticated hi-tech equipment, areas for holding brainstorming sessions, a gorgeous innovation club designed at the highest standards to nurture an inspiring innovative environment, a platform for presenting and debating ideas, and interactive display monitors enabling the sharing of visual contents between members. These monitors can be interfaced with smartphones & handheld computers of participants enabling wireless display of contents. The lab also contains supporting facilities such as a rest hall, prayer room, and meeting halls.