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RTA identifies 72 SMEs to boost the ‘Educated Entity’ concept

This initiative is a kind of a technological knowledge-based system aimed at cementing the concept of the Educated Entity

The recently launched ‘Ask an Expert’ initiative of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has generated an outstanding positive impact in developing Subject Matter Experts whose number has reached 72 including 18 Emirati staffs. The initiative is part of RTA’s efforts to offer its staff access to information about the specialty in which they are interested, in a smooth manner using RTA’s intranet.

“Ask an Expert initiative is an advanced tool through which we are seeking to leverage the interaction between employees & experts in fields of relevance to RTA’s business domain,” said Abdullah Ghaith Al Suwaidi, Director of Development and Corporate Performance, RTA. “We’ve opted to realize this objective by capitalizing on the human resources at our disposal in responding to queries of their colleagues via the intranet, and offering assistance to assist them with their job duties or researches,” he continued.

“This initiative is a kind of a technological knowledge-based system aimed at cementing the concept of the Educated Entity in a bid to realize our Strategic Goal: Advance RTA. Accessible experiences have been classified into certain standard comprising a Gold Expert; who has a long experience in the field, and an Expert of a lesser experience. This will enable us direct the inquiring employees to the expert who will assist in fulfilling the intellectual needs of the inquirer. The recipient can assess the extent of benefit obtained from replies provided, and the initiative will have automated archives for responses attaining high rating such that they will become an informational reference for any researcher or inquirer in the field,” added Al Suwaidi.

“RTA is aspiring to see this initiative generalized across entities of Dubai Government in the context of our Government’s initiative: In Dubai We Learn. It also fits well with the efforts to boost the concept of the Smart City through encouraging the knowledge transfer between all government departments in Dubai. The initiative is intended to be a tool of social & informational interaction between employees in keeping with RTA’s endeavours to nurture an innovative work environment that contributes effectively to the intellectual empowerment of its cadres through the exchange of knowledge,” concluded the Director of Development and Corporate Performance.