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RTA meets Emiratis employed by Serco (Dubai Metro operator) to identify their needs

The Rail Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held an open gathering with the Emiratis employed by Serco Company (Dubai Metro operator) at Qusais workshop to review their work-related suggestions, inquiries and feed backs in order to chalk out appropriate solutions. The step is aimed at raising the bar on performance,given that all Emiratisin different job levels command top attention in order to take up positions in various fields.

Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Acting CEO of RTA Rail Agency, lauded such periodic meetings as they contribute to exchanging ideas & suggestions that contribute to improving the work environment, and availing the opportunity for innovators to unleash their latent potentials in their respective domains, taking into consideration that Serco employees are taking front-desk positions in serving metro users.

“It is therefore imperative to equip them with basic skills that help them communicate smoothly with others, and ensure they are capable and efficient in coping with all challenges by following the regulations & procedures in place,” he said.

Then, officials from the Rail Agency and Serco Company engaged in discussions with employees to probe their views and heed to their suggestions and ideas. Employees’ suggestions included conducting training courses tailored to their respective job scope. They were given the good news that Serco is currently engaged with delivering such courses starting from the current month of June.

Suggestions also included issuing special cards for the New Year’s Eve to facilitate the entry and exit of metro users in order to prevent thronging or damaging metro stations. Another proponent pointed out that the majority of users find it difficult to deal with the ticket machines in stations, calling for a more streamlined and user-friendly system.

In this regard, Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Director of RTA Rail Operations, said, “Work is up and running to upgrade ticket systems in order to facilitate this process for metro users. The suggestion of issuing special cards for the New Year’s Eve is currently under study and appropriate solutions will soon be developed to ensure the safety of all concerned parties.”

At the end of the meeting, Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Acting CEO of RTA Rail Agency,conveyed his thanks and appreciation to all Serco employees for making strenuous efforts and dispatching their duties in in the best possible manner.

“All feasible suggestions will be examined immediately in order to work out solutions capable of measuring up to customer needs and leveraging the business conduct,” he concluded.