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RTA opens five new bus stops to lift riders from Sharjah to Dubai

“The first of the new five loading points is at King Faisal Road nearby Jump Sony, and the remaining stops are on Al Wahda Road"

The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently introduced some improvements in the network of inter-city buses, namely Routes #307, A307 shuttling between Dubai and Sharjah.

The move is intended to make it easy for riders residing along the bus route in the direction of Dubai to catch the bus without requiring them to travel first to the main bus stop at Jubail Station, Sharjah.

Adel Mohammed Sharkri, Director of Planning and Business Development at RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “Five new passenger pick-up points have been added on Routes 307 and A307 in Sharjah, over and above the main bus stop at Jubail Station for passengers heading to Dubai.

“The first of the new five loading points is at King Faisal Road nearby Jump Sony, and the remaining stops are on Al Wahda Road, starting with a stop opposite to City Center Sharjah, nearby Subway, nearby Safeer Mall and the last one is opposite to Ansar Mall. The service frequency (headway) will be 20 minutes on both lines, especially during morning & evening peak times in order to accommodate the largest possible number of inter-city bus riders,” added Shakri.

“The RTA pays considerable attention to providing a flexible public transport network and broadening its coverage to serve riders and offer them smooth & accessible transport; which echoes the vision of the RTA revolving around providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All. The move is also linked to an array of constructive initiatives to which the RTA accords special attention such as saving power consumption, and reducing expenses. It also assists in conserving the environment through curbing carbon emissions from vehicle exhausts; which fits well with the green economy objectives derived from the initiative of the Dubai Government dubbed: Green Economy for a Sustainable Development. There is also a close link between the initiative and the easing of traffic congestion as well as saving the time & effort of public transport riders in a bid to make them happier. This will eventually reflect positively on promoting the use of mass transit systems; a key strategy of the RTA at the moment,” concluded the Director of Planning and Business Development.