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RTA teams with Dubai Municipality to guarantee operation, maintenance & upgrading of Dubai Tram

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a cooperative agreement with the Dubai Municipality to guarantee the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Dubai Tram with a view to delivering top-class services to the public using mass transit modes in the Emirate of Dubai, particularly riders of the tram launched by the RTA on 11 November 2014.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the RTA by Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Rail Agency, and by the Dubai Municipality by Salah Abdul Rahman Ameeri, Assistant Director of General for Environment and Public Health Services Sector, in the presence of a number of directors and managers of both parties.

Al Ali was extremely delighted with the signing of this agreement with a key strategic partner such as the Dubai Municipality; given the services it renders to residents, visitors and tourists of Dubai Emirate, particularly as the signing of this agreement coincides with the launch of the Dubai Tram,” continued Al Ali.

“The RTA is always keen on working through joint cooperative channels with its strategic partners as well as other partners, public, semi public and private entities in Dubai with the aim of maintaining the delivery of top class services to various spectrums of the community.

“Through the implementation of the terms of this agreement, we will make a joint effort with the Dubai Municipality to achieve a number of objectives related to guaranteeing the operation, maintenance and the improvement of the Dubai Tram, besides protecting its infrastructure, avoiding negative impacts such as the disruption of the service for any potential reason, and working closely with the Municipality during these emergency situations,” added the CEO of RTA Rail Agency.

Salah Abdul Rahman Ameeri, Assistant Director of General for Environment and Public Health Services Sector, Dubai Municipality, was extremely elated with the signing of this agreement with the RTA, and stressed the depth of the existing relationship between the two parties, considering them key pillars of the service sector in the Emirate of Dubai.

“We will do our best to provide every possible support to the RTA in order to ensure seamless operation, maintenance and improvement of the Dubai Tram in keeping with the high profile of Dubai Emirate at regional and global levels in all vital sectors including the service sector,” said Ameeri.

The Assistant Director of General for Environment and Public Health Services Sector hailed the achievements made, or in the making, by the RTA in mass transit services highlighted by the Metro, Tram, public buses, marine transit means and the supporting infrastructure comprising roads, streets, bridges, tunnels, parking, and licensing services among other vital services in the Emirate.

The Agreement provides for both parties to cooperate and join hands in implementing the planned works under the Tram Network Protection Zone. This includes the implementation of a number of related activities which include for example Dubai Municipality is to ensure that its contractors are issued with No Objection Certificates from the RTA for carrying out jobs restricted in the Protection Zone, and the RTA is committed to issuing the required NOCs to the contractors of the Municipality to undertake activities restricted in the Protection Zone within 14 working days at most from the date of filing application by the concerned contractors of the Municipality, in case the application fulfills all requirements.

Among the key points to which the two parties are obliged while carrying joint works is to avoid causing disruption of the tram’s operations and maintenance, avoiding using the tramway by vehicles of the Municipality’s contractors, besides avoiding blocking the viewing of the directional signage, pedestrian markings, road users, and the traffic signs in the protection zone or the marking of the designated path of the tram among others vital issues; which include periodic maintenance, emergency works and accidents.