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RTA to amend schedules of metro service on Friday

Changes also include Tram movement at JBR, Marina

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) intends to introduce permanent changes to the Dubai Metro’s operational hours on Friday such that the service will start at 10 am (instead of 1 pm) as of 2 October.

The move is taken in response to customers’ preference for an earlier start time of the service. In the meantime, RTA also intends to cease the Marina Loop service of the Dubai Tram offering semi-circular service at the JBR, Marina.

Explaining such changes, Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Rail Agency said: “RTA is seeking to deliver best-in-class services corresponding to the needs of mass transit users in general and the Metro & Tram riders in particular. We have commissioned studies about the revised operational time of the metro service on Friday where we have perceived a necessity for starting the service as early as 10.00 am, especially that the metro links key areas in Dubai Emirate including a host of tourist, commercial and residential districts. The move also fits well with RTA’s trend to offer services capable of bringing added happiness to people.”

“Studies had also been conducted about the performance of the Dubai Tram with a view to sourcing the best suggestions for boosting riders’ satisfaction. Therefore, we have opted to introduce some changes to the service format to meet expectations of riders highlighted by: Ceasing the Semi-Circular Marina Loop service of the Dubai Tram at the JBR, Marina, which covers four stations: Jumeirah Beach Residence(1) , Jumeirah Beach Residence(2), JLT and Dubai Marina Mall. The study stated that abolishing this service would bring about a lot of positives such as slashing the total transit time from 54 minutes to 45 minutes, and improving the service frequency to 8 minutes,” explained Al Ali.

“The number of riders using this Semi-Circular Tram Service (Marina Loop) is 6% of total riders as revealed by statistics during the period from December 2014 to May 2015. Accordingly the Dubai Tram timetable has been revised resulting in shorter operational hours as the service will now terminate at 01:00 am instead of 01:30 am,” concluded the CEO of RTA Rail Agency.