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RTA urges driving institutes to use gas-powered vehicles

The Licensing Agency has held a number of workshops for all driving institutes and brought them together with other concerned parties in the Emirate.

The Licensing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has urged driving institutes and centers in Dubai Emirate to consider using compressed natural gas (CNG) in powering their fleets in a bid to reduce environmental pollution.

The move complements RTA’s initiatives of mitigating environmental impacts, optimizing power consumption, and supporting the green economy in various projects and services provided by affiliated agencies and sectors.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, said: “The Licensing Agency has held a number of workshops for all driving institutes and brought them together with other concerned parties in the Emirate such as Emirates Gas, ENOC and Emirates Transport, where they have been briefed about the results and benefits accruable as a result of powering their vehicles by CNG; a clean and environment-friendly fuel.”

“The Emirates Driving Institute has embarked from the start of this year the switching of their 50 vehicles to gas-powered vehicles as a provisional step towards converting remaining vehicles successively during the year. Such an experiment will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Agency in making all driving learning vehicles in the Emirate of Dubai environment-friendly,” he added.

“We in the RTA are keen on undertaking a host of projects that contribute to power saving, environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprint towards realizing the requirements of the green economy envisaged under the initiative launched by the Dubai Government themed: A Green Economy for a Sustainable Environment; a step to foster a green economy in the UAE. It will also support the UAE Vision 2021 and the power strategy of curbing carbon emission adopted by the Dubai Government with the aim of making Dubai a role model in the efficient power consumption and reducing carbon emissions. We are therefore keen on launching initiatives that contribute, even by a tiny share, to protecting the environment from pollution. We have communicated with a number of institutes to mull converting their fleets into CNG-powered vehicles, and highlighted the role of Emirates Gas and ENOC in providing a mobile gas station to ensure continuous gas supplies for the fleet,” explained Bahrozyan.

Amer Belhasa, Executive Director of Emirates Driving Institute, said: “Converting our training vehicles into CNG-powered vehicles underscores the Institute’s commitment towards curbing carbon emissions; a step that brings us closer to an environment-friendly future. The benefit of natural gas is not only restricted to making the environment clean, but also go beyond that to include reducing the frequency of vehicle maintenance requirements, and extending the lifespan of the engine.”