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Samsung Electronics announces ‘Launching People’

Samsung Electronics, the global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced the start of the mentorship phase with the final three category winners of its global campaign in Saudi Arabia, ‘Launching People’, who were unveiled in a grand event organized recently in Jeddah, alongside each of the esteemed mentors; Ms. Muna AbuSulayman, Mr. Loai Naseem and Dr. Obai Albashir.

Samsung’s culture of innovation reaches beyond products to help people everywhere realize their potential for how technology can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. The ‘Launching People’ campaign identifies and invests in the potential of inspiring individuals across the Kingdom and together with Samsung’s access to advanced technology, this potential will be actualized for those who are working extremely hard in their lives in order to reach the statures that their talents deserve.

Within each category, the winning candidates that Samsung mentors started coaching are: Sara Osta -Tafakor W Fann (Arts & Entertainment), Asmaa Fatani- Shogly (Entrepreneurship) and Jeddah Cyclists (Sports). Each category winner started working hand-in-hand with his/her mentor to develop their projects into a well-defined execution plan, in which the mentors add their own professional experience by offering valuable insight and mentorship that will guide the winners on their journey to success, setting them on the right path and with the correct mindset on how to nurture the project and bring it to life.

Mr. Qusai Mukhtar, PR Manager at Samsung Electronics, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expressed, “We are proud to deliver our promise in this unique campaign through mentoring the three bright talents and offering them all the support needed to launch their potentials to the fullest.” “Samsung is bringing to the table cutting edge technology to guide the winners on this life-changing journey by offering various means to unleash their projects and attain their objectives with the most resources possible,” concluded Mr. Qusai.

The ‘Launching People’ initiative offers people in Saudi Arabia the opportunity to be the future business thinkers, bringing positive change within their community and inspiring others to believe in their own potentials, knowing that with real determination anyone can achieve his full potential.