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Samsung Electronics Levant launches “Next is You” campaign

Celebrating the Latest GALAXY S Smartphones Release.

Samsung Electronics Levant Launched “Next Is You” Campaign to celebrate the launch of the latest additions to the GALAXY S series, the S6 and the S6 Edge in Jordan and the region.

The campaign aims to find the person that represents Samsung’s new smartphone GALAXY S6 & GALAXY S6 Edge, the most advanced smartphones in the market by finding people who push the boundaries to the limit, as the new mobile represent the next generation of technologies and features in comparison with other smartphones in the market.

The campaign is based on four major principles and challenges inspired by the new GALAXY S6 & S6 Edge features; To find the Next Level Performer based on the S6 & the S6 Edge excellent performance among other smartphones, to find the Next Level Superpower according to the excellent battery performance in the S6 phones, to find the next level low light photographer influenced from the Camera’s improved performance, and to find the next level artist due to the beautiful S6 & S6 edge craftsmanship that combines glass and metal.

Commenting on this campaign, Mr. Mutasem Shehadeh, Mobile Phones and Information Technology Unit Director – Samsung Electronics Levant said: “This campaign strives to find people who are characterized by their performance and are ahead of their time, and are able to embody what Samsung aimed in the GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge design; the vision in providing future technologies used now”.

“We hope through this campaign to showcase unique talents from the Levant region and the youth’s ability to excel in their performance in their fields, and we look forward to inspire others to participate and spread the spirit of the campaign”, he added.

The activity will run in 2 phases; first phase will be where fans will take the challenges and submit their work on Samsung Levant Facebook page and each will nominate a friend to take the challenge.

Samsung Electronics Levant will share inspirational videos to give hints for each challenge and to motivate the participants. In the second phase, a jury will select 5 participants from each challenge and the winner will be selected through voting.