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Samsung launches new Galaxy A series in Middle East

Samsung launched the new 2017 Galaxy A series smartphones in the Middle East on Wednesday.

The unveiling of the new devices comes after a catastrophic year which saw the showdown of South Korean consumer electronics giant’s flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 that cost the manufacturer a loss of several billions of dollars.

It also comes amid rumours that the world’s largest Smartphone maker will launch Galaxy Note 8 phablet in the second half of this year to undo the sizeable damages its predecessor caused to the brand’s reputation after several reports emerged that devices were overheating and bursting into flames.

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Samsung Electronics Gulf uncovered three new phones in A series: Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 in Dubai at its recently opened Samsung Experience Store in Media City.

Water resistance

The mid-range phones feature a metal frame and 3D curved glass back with Samsung’s new design style. The smartphones also come with IP68 water and dust resistance which would allow them to withstand damages even at 1.5 meter deep in water for at least 30 minutes.

Galaxy A7 and A5 that boasts a 5.7inch and 5.2inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, 3600mAh and 3000mAh batteries respectively, also feature 16MP front and rear cameras. To make snapping selfie pictures easier the phonemaker has introduced a floating camera button.

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In stores

The new phones will hit the UAE stores on Thursday and will be available in the region’s other markets in from January 20.

The all three Galaxy A series will be available in the UAE in Black Sky, Gold Sand and Blue Mist colours and will be retailed at AED1,149 for the Galaxy A3, AED1,449 for A5 and AED1,749 for A7.

“At Samsung we are committed to our customers, and continue on our innovation story to ensure that every Samsung product is the most advanced on the market,” said said Tarek Sabbagh, Head of IT & Mobile (IM) Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

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When asked what Samsung was doing to restore the customers’ confidence after the S7 fiasco, Sabbagh said the company has put its loyal customers have appreciated the actions it took to put their safety and wellbeing as the top priority.

He also added that the company was still in the process of investigating the S7 incidents and has been spending billions for innovation.

Phone specifications in detail below: