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Samsung’s newest ad is poking fun at Apple, but the joke could be on them

What do you do if your iPhone 6 just can’t handle your day?

Well, Samsung thinks it’s time to upgrade to a Galaxy S9 or S9+.

It’s driving this point through a new video-ad.

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Have a look:

(Easter egg warning: Notice the hair notch)

How ironic is the whole thing?

Samsung is ridiculing Apple for pushing people to upgrade to a newer phone while doing exactly the same thing itself.

Then there’s the fact that the iPhone is slow and as Samsung puts it “lagging”.

Interesting criticism coming from the company that is long associated with that term in the Android world.

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Apple: “Sticks and stones”

According to Strategy Analytics’ Q1 2018 data, Samsung recaptured first place in smartphone revenue, after losing that top spot to Apple in Q4 2017.

However, Samsung only shipped 78.2 million smartphones worldwide in Q1 2018, down 2% annually from the same quarter last year.

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