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Watch: Saudi 2019 growth at 2.2% but consumer spending falling in $billions

 FIM Partners CEO and CIO Hedi Ben Mlouka discusses the Saudi Arabia economy. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Middle East.”

The latest revision from the IMF says that changes in Saudi spending will reignite growth in 2019 to 2.2%, especially with a higher oil price.

“Brent oil price at $70 is a big game changer for Saudi and what will drive gorwth in 2018 is government spending,” said Mlouka.

“We’ve seen an expansionary budget 6% yoy with focus on infrastructure spending up 88%, but we should not expect a revival in consumer spending as there are reforms that will take effect.”

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He said that VAT, levies on expat dependents, and removal of subsidies on utilities will cost Saudi households some SAR 55bn ($14.9bn) in 2018.

Mlouka also said that private sector investments won’t take the lead in the short term.

“The probe has a short-term negative effect, and ending it will have a long-term positive outcome but people outside of the Ritz (hotel) are still wondering if there will be a wave 2 or wave 3 of corruption roundup,” Mlouka said.

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