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Saudi companies’ eye hybrid cloud

44 per cent of kingdom’s organisations already using or planning to deploy cloud computing

F5 Networks Company revealed that 28 per cent of companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are planning to use the advanced hybrid cloud services in an attempt to reduce their costs and increase productivity in the coming period.

The company points to the upward trend in the kingdom’s market to adopt these technologies, with 44 per cent of Saudi organisations already using or planning to deploy all kinds of cloud computing in their offices, Saudi-based Alyaum Newspaper reports.

F5 shows that these trends break the traditional information technology restrictions, in light of the desire for the unification of work experiences across multiple devices and with full access to applications, content and services.

“The ongoing migration of applications to the cloud, increased user and resource mobility, and the emergence of ever more sophisticated threats have led to the dissolution of the traditional enterprise perimeter,” says Mamduh Allam, Saudi Arabia General Manager, F5 Networks.

However, the transition to the cloud doesn’t happen without challenges, according to a recent survey commissioned by F5 Networks in which Saudi Arabia found that 48 per cent of the country’s IT decision-makers claimed that the top cybersecurity challenge was managing the shift from datacentre-focused infrastructure to cloud computing.