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Floods in Saudi have taken 12 lives this week, 271 rescued

Heavy rain has taken its toll on Saudi this week, with several affected regions witnessing tragic losses in human lives.

Heavy rain continued to affect the northern parts of Saudi Arabia this week Civil Defense Agency reported rescuing 271 people so far Madina and Tabuk are heavily affected

Twelve people have been killed in floods after heavy rain continued to affect the northern parts of Saudi Arabia this week, the civil defence agency said on Wednesday.

AFP reported that ten died in the northwestern city of Tabuk and one each in the holy city of Madinah and in northern border areas, according to an agency statement cited by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

"One person died in Madinah where dramatic videos showed flood waters pouring through the streets," Arab News reported. "Another person was killed in the northern border regions."

Image: Civil Defense Agency



Between Sunday and Wednesday, the agency had rescued 271 people from flooded areas, more than half of them in Tabuk, the statement said.

Heavy downpours have hit several areas of Saudi Arabia this week, mainly in western and northwestern parts of the kingdom close to the border with Jordan.

A number of committees have been set up to assess the damage caused by the bad weather, the agency said.

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