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Saudi Women #Drive: Analysis after the buzz

The 24th of June marked a historic moment in Saudi Arabia, women were finally allowed to drive in the Kingdom. The ban was lifted after a royal decree was issued by King Salman.

There have been over 56,000 mentions globally of the topic on social media  (June 17th – 24th 2018).

Meltwater, the leading online news and social media monitoring company, has analyzed the level of engagement around the trending topic in the below infographic.

Although the topic gained lots of traction globally, Arabic remained the top language used on social media around the “#SaudiWomenDriving” hashtag  (65%+).This does not come as a surprise since the majority of conversations were generated in Saudi Arabia (79%).

Top Languages on Social Media

Some of the trending keywords around social media on the topic of Saudi women driving included “police officers” and “rose”.

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As the news broke that Saudi policemen were handing roses to female drivers around the Kingdom, social media users shared, liked and retweeted photos of the moment in action.


As for the sentiment analysis, ‘neutral’ posts are the most prominent (60%) as a large number of social posts are sharing the ‘breaking news’ and headlines. Furthermore, light humor is a common trend in KSA (humorous posts are also classified as ‘neutral’).

Some of the posts that received the most engagement include a tweet from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who shared a video of his daughter’s first drive in KSA at 12:01 AM (the video had over 1 million views).

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Automotive brands such as Nissan and Lexus also took to social media to congratulate Saudi women for the new milestone. Nissan has also recently been awarded gold at Cannes Lions for its #SheDrives campaign which has gained the public’s attention.


Lexus also partnered with Saudi media personality and influencer Muna Abu Sulayman for their #تستحقينها (‘you deserve it’) campaign.


Discussions regarding the topic are still gaining traction online, as Saudi women take the streets of the kingdom. Both automotive and non-automotive brands are joining in on the conversation as females in KSA celebrate this historic moment.

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Meltwater will continue to monitor the online and social media conversations around the topic. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to gain more insights on social activity surrounding the hashtag/topic.

About the infographic

Using Meltwater’s social media monitoring tool, keywords such as ‘#SaudiWomenDriving’ and ‘#المرأة_السعودية_تسوق’ were tracked from the 17th – 24th of June, 2018.