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Neighborhood watch: UAE’s arming citizens with crime fighting e-tools

Abu Dhabi is making crime reporting easier by introducing a new crime reporting application.

Dubai has its own version of crime fighing site.

How does all this work?

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“Inform the Prosecution”

The”Inform the Prosecution” application can be used to report any illegal act or provide information about suspicious activities.

Users can explain the crime, its location and the time it occurred, attach a photo, video or voice clip evidence and send it on to the prosecution, according to PressReader, an online press release platform.

The reporting can be anonymous; those who use the app do not need to provide their identity for the report to come through.

After reporting a crime, an e-notification will be sent to the sender’s phone via text message and legal procedures will be initiated.

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Modern technology to combat crimes

“The application seeks to increase communication between the community and the judiciary through modern technology, in a way that preserves community security, as part of our corporate social responsibility programmes,” said Abu Dhabi attorney general Ali Mohammed Al Baloushi.

“Security and stability in the community can only be maintained through joint efforts by both individuals and institutions, each in his position.”

Both English and Arabic versions of the app are available and it can be used by citizens, residents, and tourists.

In addition, earlier this month, Dubai Police introduced a new site allowing members of the public to report cybercrime, online bullying and illegal online calling.

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Combatting Cybercrimes

Victims of online bullying, hacking and cyber-extortion in Dubai can report these crimes via a new website.

The “ecrime” website, launched by Dubai Police, is an online platform for members of the public to report cyber crimes.

It was created so anybody can report suspicious emails, social media related issues, internet calls, hacking, online bullying, and cyber-extortion, according to What’s on Dubai, a website for info, news, and reviews.

What’s on Dubai reported Colonel Saeed Al Hajari, director of the Dubai Police Cybercrime Department, explaining how the process works.

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A few simple steps

Users must first determine whether the complaint relates to cyber crime or an online service.

They will they need to enter their Emirates ID and contact number, confirm their number via a text message, fill in some personal details, and then provide details of the complaint, according to What’s on Dubai.

Al Hajari said the service aims at providing a “true and effective measurement of cyber crime.”

It is hoped the number of complaints filed by the public will increase thanks to the new platform.

Cyber crimes include using abusive language through a computer network, using social media to fundraise, and spreading rumors via social media.A