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SEDCO Holding to showcase the smart workplace of the future

The 2015 Jeddah Human Resources Forum is the largest specialized human resources forum in Saudi Arabia

In its seventh edition, the Jeddah Human Resources Forum (JHRF) will be held under the Patronage of The minister of Labor Dr. Muffarij Bin Sa’ad AlHaqabani. It relies on the strategic partnership with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) and AME, conference organizer headed by Dr. Ehab Aburukba.

JHRF gathers from November 23 to 26, inspirational local & international human resources’ experts to “bridge the skills’ gap between generations” and tackles the importance of best human resources practices alongside the nationalization of the Saudi business landscape.

Any company that aims to grow must do so within its ecosystem, and develop the tools and processes to cope with change while infusing its human resource practices with the sense of an evolving reality.

Key guest speaker on the fifth panel, Amr Banaja, Vice-President, Corporate Communications, Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility will be speaking on the second day, to address the ‘skills needed in the future workplace’ ; detailing the current futuristic trends and their influence on the work place, and defining the underlying challenges of change, locally and globally:

“At SEDCO Holding, we know the importance of preparing for the future, and not only preparing for it but also anticipating it. We have done this by tailor-making programs that look after the development of skills, innovation and the provision of new technologies for the development of the future work environment. Training, skills development and the establishment of an innovative corporate culture should be one of the key priorities of any company, if it aims to grow sustainably. Accepting and molding change is an important life skill. And as a Holding Group we can only prepare ourselves by not only focusing on the development of human resources, but also by synergizing the strategic efforts of all disciplines within the Group in order to cope with our ever changing times.’

The 2015 Jeddah Human Resources Forum is the largest specialized human resources forum in Saudi Arabia, and this year’s forum will review the mechanisms and means supporting the successful experiences of the private sector.