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COVID-19-free Seychelles might be your next tourist destination

With travel and tourism nearly non-existent right now, one destination could prove the safest to visit in the near future.

The travel and tourism industry has been among the industries most affected by COVID-19 The UNWTO expects international tourist arrivals to drop by 58% to 610 million this year, as per Statista That would set the global travel industry back to 1998

A lot has already been said about the travel and tourism sector in recent months, ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck, and most it have has been negative. After all, with 1 million travel and tourism jobs a day being lost due to coronavirus pandemic, as per WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), there’s been little in the way of good news for the sector. 

“Assuming the opening of borders and the gradual lifting of travel restrictions begins in early July, the UNWTO expects international tourist arrivals to drop by 58% to 610 million this year,” Statista reported. “That would set the global travel industry back to 1998, when the number of international travelers was last so low. It could get worse, however, if travel restrictions remain in place until later in the year.”

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Should you want to throw caution to the wind and pursue a vacation soon, let us give you the safest option possible: the picturesque archipelagic island country, Seychelles. 

According to the island nation’s tourism board, the country is now Covid-19 free. 

“The country, which reported a number of 11 cases in total, has announced the last infected patient tested negative for a continuous number of days and is now considered to be healed from the Covid-19 virus,” the Board said. 

The local population numbers less than 100,000, and despite the African nation’s status as a popular tourist destination, it has managed to keep cases very low. Aside from the low population number, the low number of COVID-19 cases could have additionally been helped by the country’s geographical topography as an archipelago of 115 islands, which means overcrowding should not be a problem. 

So, should you fancy a vacation after this prolonged lockdown, the Seychelles is likely your safest bet.

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