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Sharjah Museums marks GCC Traffic Week

As part of Sharjah Museums Department’s (SMD) Social Responsibility initiative ‘Because We Care’, SMD took part in the GCC Traffic Week celebrations between 9 and 15 March 2014 with an aim to increase traffic awareness among all members of the community through various events which were held throughout the week.

The events, which come as part of SMD’s various educational and awareness programmes throughout the year, was organised by Sharjah Discovery Centre and Sharjah Classic Cars Museum for the third consecutive year, under the slogan ‘Your Safety is Our Goal’.

The activities held at the Sharjah Discovery Centre and Sharjah Classic Cars Museum took place , in collaboration with the Traffic and Patrols Department of Sharjah Police, Emirates Transport – Sharjah, and a number of schools affiliated with the Sharjah and Ajman Educational Zones.

The scheduled activities included a theatrical performance that was staged by students and shed light on the role of traffic policemen in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and safeguarding public and private property on and off the road.

Also, Sharjah Police General Headquarters screened a film on traffic safety. Emirates Transport – Sharjah branch, who is the official sponsor of the event, conducted lectures on the importance of adhering to school bus specifications defined by the Ministry of Interior.

Visitors were acquainted with the ‘golden rule’ or safety precautions for using school buses. The lectures introduced visitors to handling situations in case of accidents. School bus drivers and supervisors should call 999 and request an ambulance and police assistance, besides refraining from moving a victim unless he/she is in a critical state.

Students from participating schools exhibited pictures and traffic models. In addition, a range of hands-on workshops dealing with seat belt safety and traffic signals also took place.

Visitors were encouraged to take part in competitions to test their knowledge on traffic rules and regulations.

Departments and entities who participated in the Traffic Week celebrations were honoured on the final day of the Traffic Week celebrations. Pamphlets and brochures containing important traffic instructions and guidelines were also distributed to the public in support of the Traffic Week by the Sharjah Museums Department.

The schools who took part in the 7-day initiative included Sharjah Model School, Al Hikma Private School, Al Noor International School, Al Baraim Kindergarten and Al Hisn Kindergarten.

The GCC Traffic Week is an annual joint traffic event marked by the GCC countries in their collective efforts to create a culture of traffic awareness that contributes to consolidating the foundations of a modern traffic system as well as to develop traffic rules and regulations and road engineering as per international standards.

The Traffic Week comes within efforts that aim to guarantee a safe environment and accident-free roads through a number of traffic initiatives to spread awareness among community members, so as to reduce traffic accident fatalities and casualties.


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