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Sharjah Water Festival Adventure Zone boasts lots of thrills and fun and games

It’s action all the way at the Sharjah Water Festival, organised by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority for the seventh year from December 11 to 21. The Festival has been attracting large number of families, residents and visitors since it opened on Wednesday.

The Adventure Zone at Al Majaz Park, the Festival venue, has been welcoming thousands of visitors daily and most of them are young as most of shows on offer in this area involve action sports and lots of fun and games.

This time around Al Majaz Park has been divided into three areas according to age groups and interests–Adventure Zone, Fun Zone and Kids’ Zone.

This year, the Water Festival boasts a rich bouquet of spectacular international shows and recreational activities suitable for all age groups.

According to the organisers, the Festival brings together a number of international shows and attractions that are diverse in nature and are being offered for the first time in the region.

The Skate Park is a major attraction in the Adventure Zone offering loads of action and adventurous possibilities for professional skateboarders, BMX riders, roller bladers and scooter riders.

The Skate Park features a 10-metre long and 4.5-metre wide mini ramp which sees most of the action. The Skate Park sees some of the best local football freestylers and most amazing gymnastic teams from Europe in action. They help make this show truly unique and exclusive in the UAE. The Skate Park shows are offered thrice a day, each for 15 minutes.

The Adventure Zone is also hosting a Skate Park Competition, from December 19 to 21. All UAE skaters and BMXers are invited to come and perform their best tricks, in order to find out who wins the first place. Besides, winners will be rewarded with cash prizes and gift vouchers.

The Adventure Zone involves lots of other fast, high adrenaline action, which is one of the highlights of the Sharjah Water Festival. The visitors can enjoy watching the international BAGJUMP team perform a series of unbelievable feats in the air, as they jump from a height of up to 25 meters, three times a day.

The visitors can also participate in the BAGJUMP fun, jumping from a height of 7 to 10 meters. BAGJUMP involves a state of the art impact absorbing technology.

Another major attraction in the Adventure Zone is the Bungee Trampoline involving four independent trampolines with bungee ropes. It allows participants to jump up to 8 metres and perform all kinds of tricks while their descent is controlled and made secure by elastics tied to their hips.

Children above the age of four and between 15kg to 100kg are allowed to join the fun.

As in the past, children seem to have the most fun during the Water Festival, which brings many world-class shows and attractions such as the Ice Age show, Ice Rink, which is open to visitors of all ages, Petting zoo, Talking Tree, Build-a-City and Climbing Wall, in addition to the Heritage Area and Food Court.

Dazzling fireworks lit the sky over Khalid Lagoon during weekends and the Park comes alive with Roaming Carnival of musicians and stilt performers entertaining the visitors.

Al Majaz Park opens its door from 4:00pm to 11:00pm during weekdays and until midnight on weekends. Mouj, the popular mascot of Sharjah Water Festival, meets and greets his friends and snaps souvenir pictures with them.

Besides, there are clowns, acrobat artists and professional performers to keep the young visitors engaged and entertained.