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Shell promotes innovation at IPTC to ensure sustainable energy

IPTC is the largest multi-society and multi-disciplinary oil and gas event in the Eastern Hemisphere.

In his opening remarks at the 9th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), Andy Brown, Shell Upstream International Director, spoke of the extraordinary times and extraordinary challenges for the oil & gas industry, but urged participants to embrace innovation, not only to reduce cost, but also to unlock more sustainable and lower CO2 solutions.

“We are an industry with a proud history and have delivered many world firsts, from the world record LNG train and LNG tankers delivered by Qatar, to working in 3,000 meter water depth in the Gulf of Mexico. We know we have the capability to innovate and deliver”, stated Mr. Brown. “Let’s harness the pioneering spirit of our industry and use today’s challenges as a catalyst to develop more sustainable solutions both in terms of cost competitiveness and environmental impact.”

In another theme of his opening remarks, Mr. Brown also spoke of the need to take International Oil Company (IOC) and National Oil Company (NOC) partnership to a new level of collaboration to tackle industry challenges. “Under the leadership of His Highness the Emir and the strong commitment of His Excellency the Minister of Energy and Industry, Qatar continues to be one of the most active and vibrant players in the global energy sector. As we debate the significant challenges facing our world at IPTC, we value our partnership with Qatar Petroleum to help summon the innovation, resources, skills and cooperation needed to sustain the world’s energy future in an economically competitive and environmentally acceptable way.”

Senior representatives from Shell who attended IPTC also included Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Yuri Sebregts, Executive Vice President Innovation and R&D and Chief Technology Officer; Ed Daniels, Executive Vice President – Commercial and New Business Development; and Michiel Kool, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell Companies.

IPTC is the largest multi-society and multi-disciplinary oil and gas event in the Eastern Hemisphere. This year Shell helped showcase cutting-edge innovation under the theme ‘Technology and partnerships for a sustainable energy future.’ In addition, 37 technical papers by Shell presenters were selected and presented at the conference, representing 10% of the total.

Shell’s exhibition stand featured a Sensabot robot that can help maintain oil and gas field equipment in difficult environments, a scale model of the Pearl gas-to-liquids plant, revolutionary GTL lubricant and drilling base fluid products designed from natural gas, and virtual reality head-mounted display headsets for exploring Shell deepwater projects. The exhibition stand also hosted dialogues on the topics of ‘Women in Energy’, ‘The Future of Energy’ and ‘SME’s: The Value of Outsourcing in Low Oil Price Era’.

Shell’s Bonga North West project, based in Nigeria, was the runner-up for IPTC’s “Excellence in Project Integration Award”. The award is given to a project that, among other criteria, adds value to the industry and exemplifies strong teamwork, solid geoscience knowledge, reservoir and production engineering acumen. The Bonga North West project ties into one of the world’s largest floating production, storage and offloading vessels. It is an impressive example of success in brownfield projects amid growing pressure to keep projects affordable while making the most of existing assets. In the case of Bonga, the project was delivered without a recordable injury, within budget and ahead of schedule.

In addition to being the co-host, Shell was the Titanium Sponsor of the IPTC’s Young Members Activities, which were set up to educate and inform younger audience members of the topics challenging industry professionals. These included workshops, competitions, tours and presentations, all aimed at raising the awareness of students and young adults who might consider pursuing technical careers in the future.

Separately, during an International Education Summit, and as part of IPTC, Michiel Kool addressed students to discuss the skillsets required to work in the oil and gas industry. The summit was attended by over 90 students from 39 countries, 67 universities and 13 different disciplines.