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Cybertruck: Tesla’s first pickup truck turns heads with its shocking design

Tesla and its CEO certainly know how to put on a good show and leave a longlasting impression, and no where was this more evident than with their unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The pickup truck's odd design drew the attention of the media and the public, with many brands making playful jabs at the vehicle itself or the showcase event Love it or hate it, the Cybertruck is Tesla's most powerful vehicle to date, and perhaps its most revolutionary The Cybertruck enters production in 2021 and retails starting at $39,900

Tesla caused a media stir when it unveiled its first pickup truck last week. The media and public have been aghast at the design, which some find revolutionary, while many others find it ridiculous.

So, what’s the fuss all about?

The Cybertruck certainly leaves an impression

According to reports, CEO Elon Musk has been teasing the idea of a Tesla pickup truck for years. Now, the time has come for him to act on his word.

At first glance, the pickup truck gives off an odd impression, futuristic in design but with an odd twist, not different from haute couture fashion that can often be high class and sophisticated, but utterly tasteless. That is the best way to describe Musk’s new brainchild. It looks futuristic but entirely otherworldly – and not in a good way. The box-like design, the erratic edges and bulky body and wheels make for a bizarre sight – as plenty of journalists and members of the public commented across social media.

“Whoa! He wasn’t kidding when he said it wouldn’t look like anything else!” writes one user on Twitter, commenting on the Cybertruck.

Companies too got in on the fun, with brands like Pepsi and Lego jokingly referencing the vehicle itself or the memorable and highly spontaneous showcase Musk held, the kind which the internet simply adores.

Even Dubai Police got in on the hype. 

Here is a 5-minute condensed version of the showcase, courtest of The Verge:

Specs and features

So given all the buzz and interest, what’s actually underneath the hood of this imposing Cybertruck? Well, a lot, but its true value comes in the overall package rather than just its mechanical offerings.

Naturally, the vehicle is fully electric, and is Tesla’s most powerful vehicle to date.

There are three options for its engine: “ a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive version, and a tri-motor all-wheel-drive version,” Business Insider reports.

As for the respective range, Tesla states that the single-motor version can close a distance of 250 miles, the dual-motor can achieve 300 miles, and the most expensive tri-motor version can go 500 miles. Additionally, Tesla states that the tri-motor variant will be able to hit 60 mph in about 2.9 seconds. Its highest spec model can also tow 14,000 pounds, as well as carry 3,500 pounds in storage.

The truck body itself is made from the same metal alloy Tesla uses in its SpaceX rockets allegedly, and mitigates dents, damage, and corrosion. The vehicle also comes with shockproof/bulletproof glass, but a stage mishap revealed that the company might have to go back to the drawing board as far as that glass material goes (best seen for yourself in the accompanied video above).

You can find the rest of the full specs here.

Additionally, the Cybertruck comes with the option for an all-new electric ATV (dubbed the Cyberquad), which as demonstrated on stage is perfectly suited to be stowed away on the truck’s storage bed. Similar to the Cybertruck in design, sporting its own angular edges and futuristic visage, not much has been revealed about it yet.

Cybertruck enters production in late 2021, and will retail starting from $39,900.