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Siemens unveils portfolio of traffic safety technology at Gulf Traffic 2015

Solutions for congestion relief, improved air quality and traffic enforcement

Siemens will showcase a comprehensive portfolio of international traffic safety and enforcement technologies for the improvement of traffic flow, air quality, and road safety, at Gulf Traffic 2015 in Dubai, 7 to 9 December.

With a focus on road safety the Siemens portfolio includes automatic traffic enforcement which allows the automatic detection of traffic contraventions. This includes simple parking and bus-lane enforcement to more complex moving traffic violations such as illegal U-turns, no-entries, and driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

For the first time in the Middle East Siemens will also be showcasing its SafeZone technology for average speed enforcement in order to reduce instances of speeding and dangerous driving. SafeZone uses compact, unobtrusive Sicore cameras to monitor multiple lanes of traffic in each direction, reducing the cost of deployment and system complexity. SafeZone has also passed 300 km/hr vehicle speed testing.

“As nations in the Middle East continue to develop at a rapid pace it’s important that growing populations are able to make use of road networks which are safe, efficient, and able to minimize environmental impact,” said Joerg Scheifler, Senior Executive Vice President, Mobility, Siemens Middle East. “We are proud to continue supporting the region’s transport networks with innovative technology for improved road safety, traffic flow and air quality.

Supporting the relief of traffic congestion and improved air quality, Siemens has more than a decade of experience in successfully implementing and operating dedicated demand management and congestion reducing schemes in challenging and highly visible environments. Siemens will be bringing to the Middle East its solutions for roadside infrastructure, resilient and secure IT solutions and back-office software to achieve or exceed very high availability and detection service level agreements.

The flexible demand management platform offers versatile and scalable tolling and enforcement solutions, and its value in congestion charging and low-emission zones is proven in the world’s largest low-emission zone scheme in London, which will be ten years old in 2016.