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Singapore market promises immense potential For Sharjah

The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is headed to Singapore as part of its efforts to attract new tourist markets to the emirate, through highlighting its unique cultural and distinct tourism attractions and sharing its current status as a multi award winning destination throughout its roadshow.

According to the SCTDA officials, the aim of the Singapore Roadshow, held from Oct 16 to 17, was to attract a new market of visitors to the emirate of Sharjah. Networking with outbound tour companies helps to lay foundations for forging future business opportunities. The Singapore market has been growing over the last few years but has clear potential to expand further, it is fully expected that this roadshow will pave the way for new partnerships with an increased number of outbound tourism operators.
The Authority has planned more regional and international promotional tours in months ahead as part of its ongoing strategy to enhance Sharjah’s reputation and popularity in the overseas markets, particularly throughout 2015 to help disseminate the message of Sharjah Arab Tourism Capital for 2015 as widely as possible.

SCTDA recognizes that Singapore is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and its trade volume with countries worldwide has reached over USD 513 billion. Sharjah has always had very strong ties with the Singapore business community and as a result sees Singapore as a great platform to build new markets for the tourism industry from.

Worldwide, the continuing demand for different experiences, the growing expat population and a rising disposable income are creating new opportunities in the travel and leisure sector, with market potential expected to reach Dh1.49 billion by 2016.
This is evidenced in Sharjah’s tourism industry. This year Sharjah has received nearly 2 million hotel guests from across the globe, who enjoy the benefit of Sharjah’s central geographic location, beautiful landscapes, luxury hotels and of course the well preserved heritage and culture. With over 19 high quality museums and a sprawling heritage area to visit, for tourists arriving in Sharjah there is always plenty to explore and do.

Sharjah is becoming a destination famous for its world class events and there is something to see whatever month you visit, whether it is the Sharjah International Book Fair, Sharjah Biennial, the Light Festival, Heritage Days or the Water Festival, there is always a major event happening.

As we enter 2015, Sharjah revels in its title as the Capital of Arab Tourism which it was awarded by the Arab Tourism Organization most definitely underlining the emirate’s success as an outstanding tourism destination on the world stage.