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The sky is the limit for Jordan’s fashionistas, reveals British Airways survey

A recent survey commissioned by British Airways across the Middle East has shown that travellers in the region are fashion conscious when it comes to their travel attire, with one in three Middle East residents saying that they dress to look their best while travelling. From hairstyles to footwear, the survey has revealed that the Middle East has head to toe style while exploring the world.

The survey was commissioned by British Airways across the Middle East and revealed the choices that Middle Eastern travellers make when it comes to getting dressed for a flight. When it comes to footwear, four out of five women in Jordan prefer to travel in flats with only 20% opting for heels. As for the men, 39% choose to wear formal shoes when they fly.

Showing just how stylish they are, the survey also revealed that more than two thirds of residents in Jordan style their hair before setting off. Across the region, one in two passengers regularly check in online, perhaps to allow more time for shopping, which was revealed as the number one airport pastime for travellers from the Middle East.

Helena Flynn, British Airways Ambassador, said: “Our customers from the Middle East are definitely some of British Airways’ most stylish passengers. As we have seen in our recent survey, our passengers from Jordan are not choosing comfort over style when it comes to dressing for air travel; rather they are choosing to have both. We understand that the all-round comfort of our passengers is of utmost importance to us and as well as looking stylish, they want to look and feel well rested and ready for their destination. That is why we provide products such as onboard care kits from Aromatherapy Associates, Refinery and Elemis, and make sure that our customers are taken care of by our staff, so that they can look and feel their best no matter how long their journey may be.”


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