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Everything you need to know to buy the best smartphone today

When was the last time you bought a new smartphone? If the answer to that question is “not recently,” we don’t blame you.

Phones these days aren’t what you’d call “innovative.”

Just look at the HTC U12+. Can you guess when it was released?

HTCU12plus Courtesy of DXOmark

Last year? Maybe two years ago?

Nope, it was released last month, and it’s nothing special, trust me.

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No innovation

In fact, a statistical report by DeviceAtlas, a data website, suggests that your current smartphone might be rocking a lower resolution screen, specifically between 720p and 1080p.

Although, if you have been following the news lately: The latest flagships have higher resolutions, such as QHD screens (2500 pixels) or even Sony’s 4000-pixel screen phone. All this suggests that you either have last year’s mid-range smartphone ($200-$300), or you might have an old damaged iPhone 5.

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However, AMEinfo has you covered. We compiled a list of the best smartphone options, and which consumer they fit:

For the casual on a budget: Apple iPhone 8. This phone comes with a respectable price tag of $700 (depending on where you are). It has fewer pixels on its screen (750 pixels) compared to the competition, but it has something not many smartphones have: Apple keeps you updated. In the company’s recent event where they showcased iOS 12, it announced that the software would be coming to the iPhone 6, a 5-year-old phone. So, you are safe when it comes to that.

For the feature freak: Samsung Galaxy S9. A fingerprint? Face unlock? A QHD screen? A baseless design? A Heart rate monitor? And more! This device has it all, but don’t expect Samsung’s software to keep you going for the next five years, as the company has had a reputation when it comes to that sort of thing. Maybe a year and you’ll start noticing the phone slowing down and let’s not mention Bixby, the defunct version of Google Assistant and Siri.

The sound enthusiast: LG G7 ThinQ. This one has a lot of other features that overlap with the S9, but its main selling point is sound. It features both a chamber (inside the phone) that allows it to reach volumes unavailable on any other phone and a 32-bit quad-digital-to-analog-converter (Quad-DAC) for all those fantastic tunes when on the go.

The Apple enthusiast: Apple iPhone X. This phone has it all; from a high screen density to a 5-year update guarantee from Apple, but the price tag is at a steep $1,000, so it’s not very feasible when on the budget.

The specs and budget enthusiast: Huawei P20 and One Plus 6. When it comes to specifications, these two have it in the bag: Full-screen displays, the best hardware currently on the market, and not to mention water resistance. A real bang for your buck at under $600.

The Businessmen: Blackberry Key2. The phone was announced on June 7, 2018, with a fantastic keyboard; boasting 20% higher keys, unrivaled security, and a battery that lasts for days because of its size and low power CPU inside the phone. It is the only phone to buy if you are aiming at productivity. According to Mr. Mobile, a YouTube channel, its Blackberry’s best phone yet. It also comes at $650 which is arguably a reasonable price.

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And Nokia? Yes, they are back, and HMD, the company’s latest buyer after Microsoft, is rereleasing phones. These include the Nokia 1, a low specification on the budget smartphone at approximately $90. The Nokia 6, or in other words: YouTube personality JerryRigsEverything’s award-winning unbreakable phone priced at around $200. And, the company’s latest flagship, the Nokia 8 Sirocco, which is priced at $700. Not to mention that Nokia promises at least three years of software updates on all their devices.

Notable forthcomings: The Pixel 3 series phones, the Note 9, and Apple’s latest flagships are coming in September and October as per rumors from tech sites, and these phones aren’t worth the wait.

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The Note 9, as per reports from GSMarena, it is going to have the same design as the Note 8. So why wait? Get the S9 instead.

Apple’s latest flagships are rumored by The Verge to have some notable improvements: New screens and better specifications, but let us face it, you want a phone right now.

Also, if the past is any indicator of Google’s vast knowledge in phone manufacturing, the Pixel 3 will be bundled with issues at launch. According to GSMarena’s reports on the previous phones from the company, they all had their fair share of flaws.