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STC, Al-Khafji joint operations

The Two Parties Sign an Agreement to Build an FTTP Fiber Optic Network.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) signed an agreement with Al-Khafji Joint Operations to expand its telecommunications infrastructure in order to remain at the forefront of the fast paced evolving information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

The two companies will collaborate to build FTTP fiber optic connections, while developing cutting-edge telephone services, as well as enhancing STC’s network and add-on services. Internet services will as well be magnified, heightening the capacity to transfer data at an exceptional quality and speed.

Eng. Andullah bin Nasser Al Hilal, Chairman of the Operating Committee of Al-Khafji Joint Operations, ratified the agreement on behalf of his company, while STC’s Acting Vice President of Sales, Eng. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Suwail, signed the contract on behalf of the telecom giant. Several senior managers from both companies attended the event.

Al Hilal commented, “The agreement demonstrates the leadership of Al-Khafji Joint Operations and its’ commitment to selecting prominent ICT companies as partners to serve the business sector, by improving telecommunication services and undertaking futuristic projects. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with STC.”

Al Suwail reiterated the commitment of STC to offer customers the latest ICT products and he further added, “STC’s successful delivery of fiber optic services is a landmark among Internet services offered by the company, as they facilitate the transfer of data at very high speeds by providing secure Internet connections.”

STC’s FTTH fiber optic network is distinguished by its high quality, reliability, and data transfer speeds, which reach 200 Mega. The network will not be affected by electric and electromagnetic interferences, nor by natural phenomena. STC will install complimentary fiber optic cables as well as an optic network terminal (ONT) inside the customers’ premises. After spring, customers can contact the Technical Support Center by dialing 907 for 24/7 comprehensive technical assistance.