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STC develops DIA for business sector

STC develops DIA service as a solution to support the continuity of its clients’ success in business sector. This new jump in connecting clients directly to the internet through STC network will provide them with special, secure and comprehensive connection, with speed up to 10 Gigabyte.

The new developments provided by STC are characterized with provision of internet and connection from one source with provision of technical support throughout the day via the toll-free No. 909 and a unified postpaid system in addition to launching additional service platforms such as ‘Cloud Computing and MRS’.

They also help reduce the need to investments of the infrastructure, control systems and maintenance and provision of basic security protection through STC firewall.

The connection service to the internet is more ideal to application especially for small and medium enterprises that wish to provide the internet to their employees through their LANs in addition to its support for data applications through (internet, e-mail, web and speed). This service is economic as it does not need to have routers or appointing technicians for the technical support or maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that customers of business sectors can access DIA through contacting their account managers, filling a request from the official website (, visiting one of the business sales offices, or through the website ‘my services’ business.