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STC invests in the construction of the newest intercontinental submarine cables

STC participated Friday 07/03/2014, in a world consortium of 14 telecom companies to sign a project of building the SEA-ME – WE 5 which is the most recent submarine cable in the world. The cable which is expected to complete in 2016, connects South Eastern countries with Europe through the Middle East and North Africa.

This strategic alliance joined in addition to STC fifteen world telecom organizations representing 15 countries. They included 3 operators from China and the key operator in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Yamen, Italy and France.

STC station in Yenbu – Saudi Arabia, was selected as a key drop point of this cable which will be a major addition to STC international network. It is a new station added to the existing stations in Jeddah and East Region. These stations will serve over 10 world and regional submarine cables in the region and provides the geographical diversity required to deliver the best continuity, reliability and service quality to STC customers at time.

The Chairman and Managing Director of STC Group, Engineer Abdulaziz AL Sugair said on this occasion: “STC would continue taking the initiative of investing in building its network through active international alliances. It does this to ensure provision of modern means of world communications with the highest quality standards required by world services and at prices affordable to STC customers within the unprecedented growth undergone by the Saudi Arabia in broadband and internet services and their application. STC continues intensive investment in broadband services particularly in FTTH networks for business and home sectors, LTE/4G and LTE/4G Advance”.

STC in one of the key investors and founders of intercontinental submarine cable alliances especially those extending from South East Asia through the Indian peninsula and the Middle East till Europe i.e. SEA-ME-WE. This new cable which will use state –of-art world capacity system technology is the fifth generation of these cables. It will start with 100 gigabit/s which is expandable to operate with 400 GB/s technology.

It is worth mentioning that submarine cables are the most important means and the backbone of transmitting over 95% of internet traffic and world telecom services between different continents. The new cable would add strategic feature and very big capacities to existing capacities of STC.

This facility is one of the intercontinental submarine cables that would provide the needs of the kingdom in the coming twenty years. Its capacity is more than 24 terabytes which will allow STC and other companies involved meet the increasing demand on international capacities.