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STME’s enterprise backup solution benefits Saudi Ministry of Justice

Mission-critical data protected and stored more securely through Symantec NetBackup platform .

STME, the Middle East’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator, has helped build the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice’s critical data recovery plan by installing Symantec NetBackup, an enterprise-grade backup platform that protects virtual and physical servers.

“When mission-critical data is lost, the consequences to any organisation can be disastrous. This is particularly true to government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice, which is an important pillar of the Saudi Arabian economy,” says Abdirashid Samater, Information Security Advisor at the Ministry of Justice.

The ministry approached STME with the objective of ensuring data protection against human error, systems failure and natural disasters, Samater said. “We also wanted to simplify and reduce the time it takes to back-up the Ministry of Justice’s IT data, especially the most critical SQL database, as the old platform was difficult to operate on and did not have disaster recovery capability.”

With the Symantec NetBackup and Appliance solution, STME was able to provide solutions that allow SQL database backup to be completed in less than one hour, add a centralised platform for physical and virtual infrastructure, offer a simplified data protection of the MoJ’s entire IT environment and ensure the replication of data backups to a disaster recovery site.

“Many companies put a high premium on disaster recovery solutions because lost, stolen, corrupted or damaged data can pose serious risk to their organisation,” says Ayman Al Bayaa CEO of STME.

“With our easy-to-use data protection approach, the Saudi Ministry of Justice can ensure business continuity without fear of their data becoming irretrievable.”

The project was awarded to STME in the second quarter of 2014 and will be carried out in two phases.