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The strong presence of “Mobily” dominates the social networks in the region

Mobily dominated the social networks, where the company has the largest number of subscribers in the Middle East in its channel on YouTube at the level of rating companies, as well as being one of the leading companies in the telecomm sector in respect of the number of followers in Google+.

The number of those who follow the account of Mobily on Twitter exceeds more than one million in addition to Mobily’s fans on Facebook network which is more than one million four hundred fans. This comes as a result of of the outstanding interaction which Mobily enjoys with its subscribers, according to the world most famous sites. This reflects the maturity of Mobily in managing customer relationship and confirms its commitment to communicate always with its subscribers.

The content provided by Mobily to its customers through social networking is very interesting and of high quality. For instance, the number of viewers of “AlMusharaka AlKhamisa” program, which was introduced by YouTube during the World Cup month reached more than 17 and a half million viewers. Moreover, one of Company’s tweets has received more than 44 thousand retweets, reflecting substantial interaction enjoyed by the company.

Thus Mobily continues its strong presence on social networks, where the company announced last year that the number of those who follow its page of Google+ surpassed the followers of any of the other telecomm and information technology global companies.