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Summertime travel: Greater security for carry-on baggage

As of June 30, Emirates Airline has implemented tighter baggage screening in accordance with new security protocols issued by the United States Transport Security Administration (TSA), the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

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These heightened security measures will apply to select destinations, namely, flights from or via Australia and New Zealand, as well as to or via the US.

What does this mean?

All contained powdered goods that are equal to or exceed 350ml/grams are now subject to tighter screening and are liable to be confiscated by airport authorities in Dubai and abroad. The new rules are for carry-on baggage, with passengers being advised to store any powder-like substances in their checked-in bags. Powdered goods include, but are not limited to, flour, spices, cosmetics, coffee and powdered milk.

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US-bound passengers should note the aforementioned guidelines, and also be aware that the named goods may be confiscated from passengers at airports in Dubai, Milan and Athens, depending on the last point of departure, while for flyers departing from and transiting Australia, New Zealand and the United States, while powdered goods in carry-on baggage will still be tightly screened, the decision to either confiscate or allow these items into the cabins will be made by the “respective security enforcement agencies”, Emirates’ website reports.

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Baby formula and prescription medicines are exempt, while powder-like substances purchased in airport duty free shops, although permitted, must be placed in Sealed Tamper Evident Bags, along with proof of purchase. However, with regards to baby formula, the baby must be present, a rule that also applies to babies’ sterilized water, soya milk and baby food.