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No sweat for parking meter inspectors, thanks to AI

Parking spots are not easy to find in the UAE, and often drivers resort to parking illegally.

Other roadsters prefer not to pay, thinking the inspector will not reach them in time.

They are all wrong.

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A new AI technology by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) made it possible for parking meter inspectors to make their rounds much quicker, without dropping a sweat.

Inspectors who had always needed to walk around under the sun, manually search potential offenders car by car, now can sit, relax, and swoop entire areas in no time.

What is this AI scanner and how does it work?

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Smart scanning

RTA shared a video via social media showing a new smart scan system designed to monitor paid parking zones in Dubai.

“Introducing this smart system is part of the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and RTA’s endeavours to use the latest and smartest technologies in dealing with parking users,” RTA said.

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How does it work?

RTA shows that the AI device will be attached on top of a vehicle driven by an inspector.

The AI scans the area, alerts the inspector for any violations, who scans the vehicle’s plate number and issues the parking ticket.