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Tamani Marina Hotel and Hotel Apartment passes mock fire drill

Tamani Marina Hotel, in collaboration with the Dubai Civil Defense Department, has impressively passed a mock fire drill, showing a strict observance to all the set safety regulations.

Walid Al Awa, General Manager of the Hotel situated on the outskirts of Dubai, said they had agreed with the Dubai Civil Defence Department on the exact timing of the fire drill.

“The hotel called the Civil Defense Police Station concerned, and firefighters reached the scene in only six minutes without knowing that it was just a mock drill.”

The fire siren was blown, and all the guests were evacuated from the hotel through the fire stairs. “They were instructed to avoid using the lifts during the fire, and they did.”

All in-house guests were very happy about the mock fire drill which ensures the safety procedures observed therein for guests’ convenience.”

Noting that the hotel occupancy rate hit 80 percent on the drill day, he said 115 staffers were present as well. “The minor injuries reported were swiftly handled and evacuated.”

Al Awa said the mock fire drill took half an hour when all the due standards laid down by the Dubai Civil Defense Departments were met by the hotel located on Al Sofouh Road.

“The Department, in a bid to praise the hotel management cooperation, granted the Tamani Hotel marina a ‘Very Good’ grade, and an appreciation certificate on the same shall be presented later.”

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